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This privacy and cookies policy informs you of how we use personal information submitted to us or personal data collected by us online (using cookies). This policy is available on our website.


Privacy Policy
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We use cookies to give you the best possible functionality on our website. Before you approve, we only set necessary cookies. You can choose which cookies we may use.

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Session cookie: Keep track of whether you are logged in to our site and to customize the content of the site based on your previous choices.

Statistical cookie: Used to measure traffic and surf behavior, such as if you visited our site earlier or not and create an understanding of how individual visitors use our site

Social Media Cookie: Buttons on our website allow you to share content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). These services put 3rd party cookie on our site.

If you do not want to store cookies, there are several ways to prevent it:

  • In your browser settings, you can stop it from storing cookies. Keep in mind, however, that some websites work worse without cookies, for example, that it may complicate access to member pages and some features will stop working.
  • You can clear cookies from your hard drive. However, settings that you made on certain sites are no longer available.
  • If you have a newer browser, it often supports private browsing (incognito). This means that all cookies are cleared every time you close your browser.

Privacy Policy


We collect information from you when you make a booking with us, sign up for our newsletter, make a booking request via the form on our website, sign up for one of our events or participate in a competition. The collected information includes your name, your email address, your telephone number and what company/organization you work for (this does not apply to private guests). If you wish to receive a booking confirmation by post your postal address will be registered as well.


Storing contact details is an important part of handling our bookings efficiently. The information we collect from you can be used when we

  • administer your booking
  • contact you by email
  • contact you by phone on urgent business (for instance leaving information to hotel guests arriving late)
  • administer a competition, an offer or a survey


We are the only owners of the information collected by our organisation. Your personally identifiable data will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or shared with any other company, for any purpose.


We do not sell, trade and in any other way transfer personally identifiable information to parties external to our company. This does not include a trusted third party that helps us with the operation of our website or our company; the third party must comply with the terms stipulating they keep the information confidential.
Legal obligations come first, which means that not until our company has fulfilled its legal obligations (for instance the Swedish Bookkeeping Act) can we act on the basis of the GDPR requirements.


We use a range of different security measures in order to protect your personal data. Only employees assigned to specific tasks (for instance booking and invoicing) are given
access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers used for storing personally identifiable information are stored in a secure area.


Our cookies improve the access to our website and identify returning visitors. Our cookies also improve the user experience by tracing and tailoring it to customer needs. Our use of cookies is not in any way linked to personally identifiable information on our website.


We use the email address provided by you to send information and updates regarding your booking and for sending newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter you will find the information on how to unsubscribe at the end of each e-mail.


By using our website you consent to our integrity policy.


We ensure that appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to protect your personal data against unauthorized access or destruction, illegal treatment or accidental loss or damage.

We use a secure server where your personal information is processed and limits the access to personal data within the organization. Authorization for access to personal data is given only to individuals within the organization, as well as to the Personal Data Council, for the sole purpose of carrying out their duties.


This site complies with the standards W3C has created for the development of modern websites. This means that the page information is separated from its design by using HTML 5 to structure the information, and that CSS is used to apply the design. This site is produced by DigiFactory web agency in Halmstad.

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In most browsers available on the market today, you can navigate only using the keyboard (without using mouse).

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The shortcuts available on this site are:

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See more keyboard shortcuts.

Changes in policies

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy and cookies policy as necessary, for example to comply with changes in laws and regulations. Such a change will be published here on our website.

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