Conference rooms

We have eleven well-equipped conference rooms for 8-250 people.

All our rooms have wireless internet, pc projectors, whiteboards, flipcharts as well as paper and pens for all participants. We also have a wireless guest network with technology from MERU with very fast transmission speeds. And adjacent to the conference rooms are fruit, water and sweets. Some rooms are equipped with sound systems. Should you need to borrow a computer, we can help with this, and in our lobby there is a guest computer with a printer.

Wasasalen (the Wasa room) is our largest room and is equipped with the latest in lighting, ventilation and conference technology. There is a sound system and amplifier, microphones and clip on microphones, document camera (contemporary OH) and in-built computer with wireless keyboard / mouse.

The actual venue can be divided with a curtain if you want two different sections during the event. There is a stage, pulpit and stand table for lectures. The Wasasalen is a room that is full of possibilities. Contact our conference booking and we will help you to arrange your event.

See the pdf file below with pictures and information on all premises.

Conferense roomCinema seatingSchoolroomBoard roomU-styleIslandsm2
Birgitta 40 25 20 20 20 45
Ingrid 12 12 31 - - -
Kristina 50 30 20 20 25 55
Magnus Ladulås 0 0 - - - -
Margareta 68 36 25 25 25 70
Stallet 130 75 - - -
Wasasalen 250 200 0 70 100 255

Group roomsNumber of people
Karl 8
Johan 8
Gustav 8


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