Conference in the park

Why not take inspiration from our beautiful park facilities when you have your meeting here?

Margretetorp is nestled amongst stunning natural beauty right on the slopes of the Hallandsås. Through our garden runs Kägle stream and down in the gorge are many places for you to creatively think up new ideas and recharge your energy.

Instead of renting one of our classic study rooms, you could instead take a picnic blanket with you and go down to the creek and find a secluded spot in the green to solve the day's tasks.
Breathe fresh air, listen to the chirping of birds and listen to the rush of the Kägle stream. If you wish you can of course take a pot of coffee with you.

Around the Margretetorp are many places to sit outside and work in the countryside. Just around the corner there are walking trails in the beautiful beech forest.

Walk and talk meeting

  • Suitable for up to 30 people
  • Walk and think creatively
  • Decision-making and enforcement of decisions
  • Work in pairs
  • Set topic
  • 2.5 – 3-hour walk
  • Reports
  • Summarise and make decisions

Use the natural resources to your advantage!

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